Case Study

Mortgage Industry

Our Client

A fast-growing mortgage company servicing a portfolio of nearly $10 billion.
The company was hamstrung by being reliant on a dead end legacy platform with little flexibility due to out of date architecture. Since the platform was proprietary it was difficult, and expensive, to connect additional data sources, so integration and synchronization with other systems was nearly impossible.
This package did have a Business Intelligence (BI) tool available, however the costs were high at $10,000 per seat, per month, and it provided almost no capability to customize the way data is managed. Additionally, performance was poor, especially when processing large amounts of data, and when trying to do basic BI functions like drilling down for details.
It was so bad that a routine report of performance across the organization would take hours to run.
The business desired a more comprehensive set of technology tools to enable achievement of organizational goals, such as a dashboard to report on critical KPIs, highlighting problem areas and providing critical insights. The system needed to be able to be modified and configured without special technical knowledge, accommodating ever-changing and growing data needs.


Noema Analytics

The Noema team leveraged its deep domain knowledge and technical expertise to implement our Analytics Platform in an “as a service” model, (no on premise hardware required, simplifying administration and controlling costs).

The Noema Analytics Platform is architected in a way to maximize performance while controlling costs and complexity. It is capable of easily accommodating changes in data sources, or even integrating with different systems.

Not only does the Platform’s design allow for rapid and simple implementation, the Total Cost of Ownership is a fraction of comparable solutions.

Business & Technology Impacts