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Strong company culture with 12 years of experience in Software & Data solutions


Bhakta Yadlapalli President at Noema Systems

Bhakta Yadlapalli

President & CEO

The founding stone and the man behind the concrete success of Noema Systems, Bhakta Yadlapalli, has more than 25 years of experience in software application and product development. With skills in design practices, problem solving, algorithms, understanding data structures, and leadership & management, He has been leading Noema Systems since 2008.

He has played a significant role in divergent areas of IT and has worked with organizations like Radian Asset Insurance as President. He has helped many organizations such as Deutsche Bank, Valista, Aera Technology (FusionOps), and BVM Microsystems to reach newer heights.

His specialties lie in working closely with Data Analytics, Mortgage Servicing, Hedge Funds, Big Data and Data Analytics Solutions, FinTech, Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Mobile Applications, and AI & ML. He is obsessed with delivering quality to Noema Systems and to its customers.

Utpal Kapadia Head of Sales at Noema

Utpal Kapadia

Chief Business Officer

With over 25 years of experience in the IT industry over the globe, Utpal Kapadia has worked with many industry tech giants and is now driving Noema Systems towards its goals as Head of sales, strategy, and partnership. He thrives on building relationships based on trust, mutual respect, and credibility with clients, partners, vendors, customers, and colleagues.

He has experience in building CXO level relationships, enhancing business sales while delivering consistent business growth, customer satisfaction, and profitability. His marketing and sales skills have proven ways for mutually beneficial relationships for fortune 200 companies.

He has served as a director and president for top firms like Majesco and Avesta Computer Services. He is also a board member and advisor for Oxygen Venture for sales, marketing, and related roles. At Noema Systems, he works with product teams to implement various business models, penetrate new markets, and build business driven industry relations.

Jogi Daita, Entrepreneur

Jogi Daita


Jogi Daita is a visionary and Passionate entrepreneur. His strategic initiatives, partnerships, and experience serve to improve people's lives through technology.

His contribution as a partner in giant firms like Oxygen Venture, Product X 10 Accelerator, Inspiration Digital, Horizon International, Credo technology, and many more speaks about its true entrepreneur and leadership capabilities. He has helped numerous startups to build up from scrap and scale through competition to touch the mark of excellence.

He is passionate about technology, digital transformation, entrepreneurship, and STEM education, and so does he serves as a board member and advisor for numerous technology and related firms. With a master's in Marketing and a Master's in Economics, he is a Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani alumni and a strong growth force at Noema systems.


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