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Our Client​

The client caters to insurance agents providing continuous education to secure minimum credits required to maintain their business license. The client offers in-room as well off-site options. They also offer customized programs for enterprise customers. Client leverages their deep knowledge of the industry and extremely knowledgeable trainers who are SMEs in their respective fields. They are very well recognized in the insurance industry for their quality of service. 


In the past several years, with an increase in digital shift, they have had an unexpected competition that is emerging and evolving at a rapid pace. Customers are also becoming more conversant with remote digital training that is also much cost-effective. This change in dynamics is challenging the current business model. The client subscribed to different lead generation techniques about the quality of data was not up to the mark and did not result in an increase in revenue. This is causing a steady decline in overall revenue and growth.

Business Requirements

The business needed to find a solution that would allow them to continue to retain their existing customers as well tap into new agents for new business. Business is looking for create ways of lead generation that has much better hit ratio as compared to proven traditional models.


Data View

Noema reviewed the traditional lead  generation channels and the data  available through these channels. Noema  also reviewed potential new sources of  quality data that validates the prospect.  Noema build system to obtain data from  these legitimate sources and leverage its  analytics platform to identify individuals  whose license is expiring in next 90 days  with need to obtain professional training  credits to fulfill their license credentials.

Business & Technology Impacts

Extremely qualified targeting leads established

Allowed focused marketing campaign covering targeted audience reducing overall marketing cost

Realigning of course locations to more suitable places as per target audience density

Database of qualified individuals for an ongoing campaign

Variety of different snapshots of current and past data for future planning

Increased operational efficiencies, reduction in cost and increase in profits