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for Healthcare

Data has the potential to help produce better, more targeted treatments for the patients, improving their quality of life while at the same time reducing costs.
– As per the Medicare Advantage data released by CMS

Improve Patient Care Smart Devices, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Improve the way healthcare providers communicate with each other helping them treat and connect all data for complex patients

Advance drug discovery

IOT of healthcare delivering insights on risk, reward for solving the Opioid Crisis across all data in the healthcare ecosystem

Improve clinical trial accuracy
Clinical insights into experiences that shape the Health of Patient inside & outside of the exam room using blockchain based analytics platform with verifiability and accountability for doctors, patients, clinics and Pharma dispensers,doctor prescriptions, and drug administration

Approach to Healthcare

Noema-Value Proposition

Unlock the hidden value of your data assets. Discover opportunities to maximize ROI!

EHR powered by Blockchain

Tracking Patient health data in real time using smart devices can be tracked Anywhere, Anytime With Blockchain as backbone for data storage, security is guaranteed

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